Welcome to the PTA

3_537_eThe Rivers PTA exists to bring parents and teachers together to support the well-being of the academy and its students. We enable this by supporting and organising social, educational and fund-raising activities.

The PTA is open to all serving members of the teaching staff and parents and carers of students in attendance at Rivers Academy. We have a small Committee of 6 people (2 staff and 4 parents) and all meetings are open to parents and staff.

The PTA is very new at Rivers and we are really looking to grow and involve everyone. This website is our way of bringing supporters together, discussing ideas for events and fund-raising as well as ideas for where the money raised would benefit the most.

The suggestions raised on this site will be brought to the PTA meetings and discussed openly. We will also publish minutes from the meeting online so that supporters that cannot attend the meetings are as involved as can be.

We really want to build an engaged community discussing how we can all work together to provide improvements for our students.

Supporting Rivers Academy West London